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What is the Neuroencoding Institute methodology? Hear it from the founder Joseph McClendon III

Neuroencoding-brand Methods have been designed from 3 decades of tactical experience in the development field and are an aggregation of the best practices of one of the most well respected high performance coaches in the industry. Now the Neuroencoding Institute provides all of the resources and support you need to successfully apply neuroscience proven methods to help you, and those you serve, live magnificent lives. Joseph and his team of instructors teach you the signature methods and approaches, give you the tools you need to start using it right away, and provide on-going live support– PLUS lifetime access to ensure you’ll be successful.

What exactly do I get when I attend the virtual Neuroencoding Institute and become a certified and licensed Specialist of the Neuroencoding Institute?


Certified In the methods of the Neuroencoding Institute: Get trained in the best of neuroscience practices, and decades of experience combined in a comprehensive, foundational certification presented by the founder of The Neuroencoding-brand methods, Joseph McClendon III.


The Neuroencoding Institute Signature Keynote Presentation: This keynote centers around delivering audiences the tools they need to interrupt negative thinking patterns, equipping them with Joseph’s revolutionary: STOP technique. This signature keynote will capture audiences AND deliver them a tangible result by the end of the presentation. Joseph's most famous speech framework-now yours to teach!


Certified in Neuroencoding-brand Presentation Method: How does a speaker captivate audiences of thousands, while connecting with each individual? Joseph has spent the last 30 years perfecting this skill and has now articulated his strategies and tactics into a science-based methodology. From where to stand on stage to how to use your behaviors to train the audience, this certification course contains all the training you need to not just speak with influence, but present with impact!


Certified in the Neuroencoding-brand Method of Coaching: If you’re a coach, trainer, speaker, HR professional, leader, or manager, this method of coaching will enhance your practice, increase your results and help your clients and teams go further, faster. How? By employing a specific method of coaching that incorporates neuroscience practices designed to work directly with both the conscious and the subconscious mind.


The Program Your Life Curriculum (License to Teach): This is a licensed program that only those certified in Neuroencoding Institute methods will be able to deliver. This is a 12-module program that offers 12 different lessons meant to be delivered either to groups in organizations, or to individuals via coaching. Each of the 12 lessons features a different “code” that participants will install into the software of their minds. We make thousands of decisions everyday, but we only need to run about a dozen “codes” in our brains in order to find fulfillment, impact, purpose and success. With these 12 codes installed into their mental software, participants are able to transform their lives and see results, more quickly –– and with much more joy!


The Reboot Your Brain Curriculum (License to Teach): This is a licensed program that only those certified in Neuroencoding Institute methods will be able to deliver. This is a 5-week course you can sell to individuals or groups that walks them through the five elements it takes to clear out their brain, boost their mindset, and update their mental faculties. Supported with scientific studies, worksheets, participant guides, workshop scripts, and more.

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