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Joseph McClendon III, Les Brown & The Neuroencoding Institute Present

The Further Faster Challenge
Elevate, Accelerate & Celebrate Your Life

VIP Experience


FOR JUST $129!

Those who succeed and achieve at the highest levels know that to do so,  you must take more action and different paths than those who don't... 

As a high achiever you know that you want to EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING NOW!

You want to fully engage yourself and take in all that you can. You want to see behind the scenes, to ask questions directly, and to have exclusive access to all recorded sessions. You want to create your path to success with access that most people don't have.


And this is your ONE OPPORTUNITY to make that happen!


If this event was live and in person, you'd be right in the front row and you'd be hanging out with Les, me, and our guests backstage after the show...


But since it's a virtual event, we wanted to go above and beyond to give you the best immersive and personal VIP experience possible.


This Exclusive VIP Access is extremely limited because we want to keep this as an intimate experience. So hurry and sign up before all the spots are full!


We'll be broadcasting the stream of all of the training sessions to Facebook Live. However...

When you join the Further Faster Challenge Exclusive VIP Program, you'll get:

Behind-the-Scenes Zoom access to all 4 days of LIVE training sessions!

This will allow you to directly ask Les, me, and our amazing guests questions during the event. It's like being front and center at one of our big events! But we are only offering a limited number of spots in this program because of the intimate nature of the experience.


A 30-minute Live Q&A session with myself and my MAGNIFICENT world-class guests.

As a VIP member, you will have direct access to ask Les, me, and all of our MAGNIFICENT guests your questions in real-time through Zoom! After each live training, we'll dedicate an additional 30 minutes to answering questions from our VIP members.

LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Further Faster Challenge training series.

For all non-VIP members, all of our training sessions will be permanently deleted when the Further Faster Challenge ends. VIP members gain access to all of the recorded training sessions, including our extended Q&A sessions, for life! 


A FREE digital version of my NEWEST book: Dare to be Magnificent.

When you sign up as a VIP member, you'll immediately receive a downloadable copy of my newest book! If you find yourself stuck in an emotional state that you don’t want to be in anymore, I hope this book will be of service to you in changing the way you view yourself and your possibilities.


20 MEALS donated in your name to Feeding America (10 Extra)

In our country, thousands of children and families go hungry every day and night. They need our support and caring during this time more than ever and we want to give back. So if you become a VIP member right now, I’ll donate an extra 10 meals on your behalf through Feeding America to bring your total meals provided to 20! 

It would cost upwards of $10,000 to get the kind of behind-the-scenes, dedicated access to these experts and training that you’ll be receiving through this VIP program…


But we decided together that now is the time to serve and over-deliver by providing you this incredible access for just $129. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Step up to join an elite group of VIPs today!


Remember... Life is exactly what you dare to make it, and fortune favors the BOLD.


Dare to make your life MAGNIFICENT :)


Warmest regards,


© 2023 JM3 Empowerment

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