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You freaking did it!!! You’re IN!

CONGRATULATIONS on being a BOLD action taker and securing your seat to the Legends United: The Art and Science of Personal Magnificence with Joseph McClendon III and Les Brown.


Put a big smile on your face, raise your arm up, turn it around, and pat yourself on the back for being the MAGNIFICENT action taker you are. 


Now get ready for your world to be rocked because you’re about to learn how to create the abundant and impactful future of your dreams, helping yourself and others go further faster.


Head to your inbox so you can ⭐STAR⭐ the email we just sent you (including your exclusive Zoom link and important event details), mark your calendar, and we’ll look forward to seeing YOU at the virtual info session.


…And then at the TOP!


With BOLD love,

Joseph McClendon III & Les Brown

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